Review of Parliaments and the Pandemic

Our recent publication, Parliaments and the Pandemic, has received a glowing review by Steven Chaplin, Adjunct Professor Commons Law and Fellow at uOttawa Public Law Centre, via the UK Constitutional Law Association’s blog. Steven says:  

“For anyone who studies or advises Parliament or other legislative bodies, or any other large institution, Parliaments and the Pandemic, is a valuable example of how to examine a large and complex institution, who and what to look at. It also lays out a blueprint for further study of the ways in which institutions can better serve as they were intended to in a post-pandemic 21st century world.” 

Paul Evan’s (former Clerk of Committees, House of Commons and co-editor of Parliaments and the Pandemic) has also written a summary of the publication for the Constitution Unit’s blog.  Should you wish to read the publication in full, please see the PDF version below

Hard copies of the collection are also available and may be purchased by emailing Paul will let you know how to make payment.  The cost will be £10.00 + postal costs (£3.70).

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