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UK legislatures

UK Parliament 

Scottish Parliament

Welsh Parliament    

Northern Ireland Assembly

Legislatures of the UK Crown Dependencies

States of Guernsey

States of Jersey States Assembly

Tynwald, Parliament of the Isle of Man

Study of Parliament Groups in other countries

Canadian Study of Parliament Group

Australasian Study of Parliament Group 

Other organisations

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Constitution Unit (University College, London)

Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government

History of Parliament Trust

Institute for Government

Inter-Parliamentary Union

Political Studies Association: Parliaments and Legislatures Group

Politics Home

Statute Law Society

The McDougall Trust

UK Constitutional Law Association

Recent research papers on Parliamentary subjects

UK Parliament Research Briefings

Scottish Parliament Research Briefings and Factsheets

Welsh Parliament Research Briefings and Information

Northern Ireland Assembly research publications

See also the House of Commons Library Research on Parliament and Elections

For papers up to 2012 specially relevant to the SPG’s interests, see the Archived links page.