This year’s annual weekend sees the return of the poster exhibition giving researchers chance to present their research to the group. You can also access these posters virtually using the links below – discussion forums have been enabled on each page to allow you to provide comments and ask questions of the presenters as well.

While we await the posters for 2023, please do enjoy the posters presented at the Annual Weekend in 2022:

Hate Speech in Political Discourse: A Case Study of UK MPs on Twitter
Pushkal Agarwal, King’s College London; Nishanth Sastry, University of Surrey; Oli
Hawkins, ex-HoC Library; Margarita Amaxopoulou, King’s College London; Noel
Dempsey, ex-HoC Library; Edward Wood, HoC Library

Hansard Society Delegated Legislation Review
Tom West, Dheemanth Vangimalla and Brigid Fowler, Hansard Society

How has the House of Commons influenced the use of force abroad?
James Strong, QMUL

How might a modern impeachment process work in the United Kingdom? Exploring the
blueprint for a revised procedure’

Chris Monaghan, University of Worcester

Using Oral History to Explore the Political Lives of Postwar British MPs
Emmeline Ledgerwood, Oral History Project, History of Parliament Trust.

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